ARTLAND Modern 100% Hand Painted Framed Wall Art Colorful Birds 3-Piece Animal Oil Painting on Canvas for Living Room Artwork for Wall Decor Home Decoration 28x42 inches

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Product Description

ARTLAND is one of the largest online suppliers of modern canvas oil paintings wall art.,and found in 2006,as a home decorative painting company,we specialized in designing and producing medium and high quality hand-painted oil painting.At present,more than 100 professional artists work with us,most of them have the ability to design and draw new style painting.We are also a canvas print Manufacturer,we have our own factory and provide high quality product and excellent service with our best effort.

The painter created a few newborn kingfisherson canvas.The whole picture is colorful, especially red and yellow,blue and white have a strong contrast , the most forward three birds seem vivid, full of childlike cute ,it seems the birds want to get out of the screen and fly to the beautiful sky, also expressed their desire of life and the vitality of spring. In the details, compared with the straight bird mouth, graceful curves make the picture more engaging butwithout monotonous. Various shapes of the birds and their eyes were in all directions,just like they were chatting and let people feel the lively and exciting scene. The author created this piece of canvas with a joyful mood and intended to convey to the viewer a positive spirit.Everyone will encounter setbacks and sufferings in life,but the mentality is really the most important, the attitude that birds desire to the new life and longing for the blue sky is worth every one of us to learn.