DK Homewares Bohemian Cotton Bedroom Throw Pillow Cover 16x16 Set of 2 Turquoise Indian Mirror Embellished Embroidered Pillowcases Living Room 40x40 cm Square Pillow Cases

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Mirror embroidery is a true reflection of the Rajasthani culture and is believed to have originated in Persia and later entered India through the Mughal Empire. The craftsmen in Rajasthan use pieces of mirrors, usually round in shape which are embroidered into pieces of cloths to render a beautiful look to the fabric. The patterns are first traced on the cloth and later the craftsmen do the embroidery using the tracing marks. The embroidery is done using silk thread which adds to the grace of the cushion cover. The colors used in the cushion cover are vibrant and can be an ideal piece for decorating the living rooms, bedrooms. These are suitable to be used on sofas, couches, beds, in the lounges etc. By adding these to your home decor you will bring a feel of Rajasthani Culture to your home. The stylish cushion cover is 40 x 40 cm (16x16 Inches) in size and can fit a cushion of size 15 to 17 inches. It comes with a Flap Closure for easily removing or inserting the cushion inside it.