Knlpruhk Pillowcase Standard Zippered Set 2 Pack 100% Cotton Super Soft 180 GSM Pink Floral 20 x 26 Inches

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Product Description


The best choice for your hair and skin

Knlpruhk was born in 2018.

We always provide premium quality bedding.

Bring safe,comfortable and warm bedding to people all over the world

We bring innovative technology to bedding to help you lead the most comfortable life.


Have a good sleep every night

Due to the high quality of cotton material, your skin and hair and our pillowcases will not be static.

Our pillowcases protect your skin and hair. Even curly hair and dry hair can be well protected. You can have a good night's sleep



Dimensions 20x26 inches ,20x30 inches,20x36 inches

You can choose your size