Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Pillow Cases - Standard, Aubergine

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Product Description

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Pinzon velvet flannel pillowcases provide luxurious softness in a breathable weave designed to keep the body at a comfortable temperature throughout sleep. The Standard-size set has a flannel weight of 190 grams per square meter and includes two 20-by-31-inch pillowcases. Each case is finished with a 4-inch hem. Expertly made in Portugal, the velvety flannel is crafted from 100-percent cotton that is combed during the manufacturing process, which reduces the amount of uneven fibers and leaves only the longer and stronger fibers for weaving. The flannel is napped on both sides for cozy softness and then lightly sheared on both sides to eliminate the fine hairs that make standard flannel more susceptible to pilling. Easy to care for, the pillowcase set is machine washable and dryable.

Fabric Definition
Flannel: Flannel fabrics are noted for their fuzzy softness, warmth, and durability, and they can be dyed or printed. Thought to have been popularized in Wales in the 17th century, flannel was an all-wool fabric made of woolen or worsted yarns, with a brushed surface and a soft napped finish obscuring its weave. Flannel may be plain woven or twill woven and, today, most flannel fabrics are made of cotton fibers or synthetic rayon fibers that are slightly napped on both sides to resemble the old woolen or worsted yarn weaves. A wide range of flannel weights and textures is available. The fabric weight and quality of the napping affect the warmth and softness of the fabric. Many people prefer flannel bedding during the cold, winter months, but some flannel weights are appropriate in breathability and comfort all year long.