Stylo Culture Ethnic Living Room Brocade Magenta and Gold Throw Pillow Covers 16x16 Jacquard Weave Banarsi Decorative Pillow Case Peacock Floral 40x40 cm Cushion Covers (1 Pc)

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Stylo Culture brocade jacquard cushion cover in a range of various beautiful colours and patterns are designed to fit into any home decor interior settings and almost all colour schemes. Let your sofas and couches get acquainted to the sumptuous luxurious comfort of these small stack of comfort dressed in pretty covers. Every corner and dimension of these cushion covers don't fail to surprise you with their appeal. The throw pillow cushion cover is in magenta & gold color and flaunt the beautiful peacock & floral patterns. The sales package comprises of 1 cushion cover in size 16x16 inches (40x40 cm). Give your home decor a royal make over yet keeping it traditional with the alluring Indian ethnic patterns. These throw pillowcases are very cute in look and are suitable for girls, boyrs, adults, seniors, in a nut shell they are for everyone. NOW LET US KNOW A BIT MORE ABOUT THE BROCADE FABRIC: Brocade is a regal type of fabric that needs no further embellishing, as it stands quite opulent in its own. Brocade fabrics mainly consist of solid or multi-colored silk threads, combined with gold metallic threads. A brocade is woven by adding a supplementary weft to the weave, creating the illusion that sections have been embossed into the fabric, or embroidered on top of it. The word brocade comes from the Italian word broccato which directly translates to “embossed cloth”. Brocades are richly decorative fabrics. Because of the weaving method used to create the intricate patterns, brocade fabric often shrinks when wet. Dry cleaning is always the preferred cleaning method, and hand washing should be avoided.