YIH 2-Piece Floral White Pillowcase Set 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Hypoallergenic, Standard Size

Regular price ¥9.99

Color: 4

The pillow cases, Luxury, Comfort, Breathability, Durability, Easy Care and Quality.

Create the feeling of a Luxury Hotel in your bedroom and surround yourself with softness. 100 Percent Cotton pillow case pair set brings the unique feel of a peaceful resort to your guest room or master bedroom.

Bright color, luxurious to the touch, plus breathability.

Made of 100% Cotton, the pillowcase regulate body temperature to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter and actually get softer and more comfortable over time.

Combining the feel of luxury with a modest price point, these pillowcase set makes a great choice for any guest room, kid's room, or first-time apartment. Pillowcase set offers not only a soft hand feel, but it also provides comfortable breathability, reliable strength for a neat and tidy appearance.